We at could never express our gratitude to the following people/groups enough, but we’re at least going to acknowledge them here.


Google, for building forms and providing guidance.

Fletcher CSI, for donating a wi-fi hotspot to Restoring Rutland.

LandAid Express, for offering transport for supplies across Vermont.

Bill Morris, for building and wrestling with the Crowdsource Map on this site

Seth Beck, for building the Exchange Site

Mauranda Dalziel, for supporting us and doing amazing things since Day 1.

Lindsay Fahey, for organizing the forums and being a rockstar

Jay King, for dedicating time and energy to our twitter page.

9 Responses to Thanks

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  2. Jane C says:

    I wanted to thank the 2 women at the Cavendish School, we walked in with bags of goodies to drop off and one of them came over to us and said”I don’t know you at all but I want to give you a hug and say thank you!!!! and while we are at it thanks to the school kids that were at the school volunteering as well,they were sorting and organizing the donations. and there was a pot of coffee on the counter and some food so people could walk in and have a bite to eat!!!! Amidst the crisis the Phoenix rises once again,people helping people because its what needs to be done!!!! I am proud to live here.

  3. Melanie Webster says:

    Thanks to Shaw’s in Montpelier for the gift card to purchase ice and bottled water for residents and volunteers at Weston’s Mobile Home Park. The cookies were appreciated too!

    • Reality VC says:

      Hi Melanie:
      Were you at Weston today? Sounds like more help may be needed there tomorrow. What do you think?

      • Melanie Webster says:

        Sorry, I missed this. I was there until I had to go back to work Tuesday. My husband and I will be going back tomorrow morning to help one resident with her shed and a few other things. I believe there are probably more in need there.

  4. Patty says:

    I had the opportunity to work at a home on Randall Street today and wanted to thank all the wonderful people I got to meet and the great people who drove by with gatorades, lunches and icecream when we needed it most. That all kept us going.

  5. Kirsten Elin says:

    Thanks to the so many behind-the-scenes people who are making sandwiches, supporting the crews, making phone calls, organizing, and not necessarily out there being visible but doing important work nonetheless… you are often not recognized for your contributions but are a critical part of the work being done.

  6. Melissa A says:

    Thank you to all the amazing homeowners for not only allowing volunteers into thier homes, but for your hospitality at such a time of loss. I volunteered at a check-in table and was given the opportunity to call some homeowners to find out what they needed for support. I was humbled by some of the responses. Most people were so thankful for the teams they had helping out and couldnt express this enough. A few people, who were lugging mud from basements one bucket at a time, said, “Don’t worry about me, there are so many others in greater need.” I feel so lucky to live in a place where communities come together. And to all of you homeowners, hang in there and don’t be afraid to ask for help because it is everywhere! Keep up the great work everyone!

  7. The Vermont Community Foundation has created a short thank you video card from Vermont to everyone who donated their time, money, and materials to help the state recovery. We encourage you to take a look:

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