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Community Food Bank of New Jersey
Connecticut Food Bank
Food Bank for New York City
American Red Cross Disaster Relief


The costs of cleaning up are enormous. From dumpsters that cost $1200 to get, fill and have hauled away, towns are finding that the costs far exceed that which they were prepared for. Please consider donating money to one of the places below to directly support a town or region rebuild from Irene.

Vermont Disaster Relief Fund

Vermont Foodbank

Mobile Home Park Recovery Fund

Upper Valley Waterways


50 Responses to Donation Information

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  2. jt dodge says:

    Montpelier. National Life Group up on the hill – front Lobby.

  3. Howard says:

    The number listed for Natasha from Crazy Russian Girl Bakery 861-3983 is not correct. I called it and got a business that that was less than helpful. If I could remember the name I would share so people might avoid doing business with them.

  4. In NH – I know of Tucker Foundation at Dartmouth (Hanover) and Raq-On Dance Studio (Lebanon). I’m in Enfield, NH and collecting coupons to use for purchasing food, personal care, baby, cleaning supplies and pet food items to donate. More info at

  5. Cheryl Yazbek says:

    Long Trail on the Falls Physical Therapy at 300 Main Street, Vergennes is accepting donations. Donations will be delivered to Restoring Rutland in September 10!

  6. Jessica DiCicco in NY is also accepting items dropped off at that location of 31 Brant Lake Heights Drive, Brant Lake, NY 12815. If you wish to donate items, but are unable to drop them off yourself, call her @518-803-4003. And you may send funds through PayPal to If you would like us to use the funds for something specific like diapers, or for a specific area, put that in the PayPal message part. 🙂

  7. Mark Council says:

    We have a portable wood-fired oven and would like to feed clean-up volunteers and people who have lost their homes (for free) in one of the towns badly affected by the floods on SATURDAY September 3. We can feed at least 50 people an hour. If you are a meal coordinator for an ACCESSIBLE town, PLEASE call us at your soonest convenience. Thank you-
    Mark Council 802-333-9878 / 802-299-6091
    Cat Tartaglia 603-236-9836

  8. Nasreen says:

    For Vermonters further north- Brown & Jenkins Coffee in Cambridge VT is collecting nonperishable items today. Items are being packed on a donated truck at Back Country Magazine later tonight and will head down south tomorrow. And not that it matters but you get a free cup of coffee when you bring in a donation- thanks all!

  9. L. Wright says:

    Have a friend in Nebraska who has collected supplies and want to send them to Vermont. Is there anywhere in Vermont they can mail these supplies too?

  10. Please update the post for Cavendish town elementary, its Proctersville not Perkinsville…I made the mistake on a few of my post…I apologize and hope that did not mess things up!
    June Sumner “Vermont Helping Hands”

  11. Karen Horn says:

    Efficiency Vermont has assistance for those doing repairs to help with energy efficiency measures as you rebuild. Their phone lines are open this weekend. 888-921-5990

  12. Kathy says:

    Equipment Available:

    We have a 5,000 watt generator available for use. Call Tom or Kathy at 802-236-7865.

  13. ITEMS we are looking to collect tomorrow Sunday Springfield fire dept 10-4: cleaning supplies (lots of bleach), mops, brooms, bottled water,paper towels,toilet paper, non perishable foods, baby wipes, laundry detergent,trash bags,ALSO need dehumidifiers!

  14. NEW UPDATED need list~ Laundry soap, mops, brooms, paper towels, toilet paper, baby wipes, trash bags, NEW underwear(all sizes), ziplock bags, batteries, cat food, flashlights, dustpans, germ-x (or any hand sanitizer), Non perishable foods, deodorant, ALSO needed (but this is a long shot!) De-humidifiers! used is ok as long as they are clean and in working order! SUN 10am-4pm Springfield Fire Station ~June

  15. Marylou says:

    Appreciate all this info. Thanks. Your directions to Bethel Emergency Shelter say route 112, it is route 12.

  16. Marguerite Rosenthal says:

    I have a small place in the Northeast Kingdom that, fortunately, was not so damaged as much of the rest of Vermont. I would like to make a financial donation to help with the cleanup. I haven’t been able easily to find how to do so. I’d prefer to donate to a public source (I think one was mentioned during the noon program today, Sat., but I was driving and couldn’t write it down). Any suggestions welcomed.

    With profound admiration for all the hard work folks are doing!

  17. Erica Yuengling says:

    Please change the phone number on the WEATHERSFIELD Donation sight to Erica at 263-5432. My cell is not reliable right now and I have been having trouble reaching those that have called me. Also, can you put in Proctor Library ( hours W,Th,F 12-6 and Sat 9-1) as a drop off sight in Weathersfield as well. Thank you!

  18. Heather Shea says:

    In Vergennes, there is a trailer where donations were being excepted in the Aubuchon parking lot, and today there were people accepting food donations outside of Shaw’s. I will try to get more specific info tomorrow to post.

  19. Please remove my “updated lists” we have fulfilled those needs today with our donation drive…also I am listed as a drop off location in Springfield, u can update that too please, I am not taking in any more donations at this time, but I will be organizing another donation drive soon BUT if someone wants to drop off items here to me in Springfield I WILL find a place for them to go. TY June Sumner “Vermont Helping Hands”

  20. princeza says:

    Chittenden Fire Dept is also collecting for the towns of Pittsfield and Stockbridge. They are looking for non-perishable food items, feminine products, fresh/canned fruits and veggies, diapers in newborn/#1 size, Pedialyte. They will be accepting donations this week.

  21. Norm says: has updates, volunteer networking, and accepting donations for people in need in Rochester, VT

  22. Heather Shea says:

    In Vergennes, the Vergennes Lions Club is accepting donations 8am – 6pm in the Aubuchon parking lot (Rte. 7 & Monkton Rd). If the trailer is not open, items can also be dropped off at Long Trail Physical Therapy at 300 Main St.

    Non-perishable food (can be eaten w/o preparing) such as PB&J, tuna, spam, baked beans, bottled water, gatorade

    Childcare Items: Diapers size 4/5/6, diaper wipes, baby food

    Personal hygiene items: Feminie products, soap, disposable razors, shaving cream, shampoo, nail clippers, hair brushes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, etc.

    Other items:

    First Aid Kits
    Blankets & Sheets
    Cleaning products & supplies
    Paper products: towels, TP, plates, cups, etc.
    Dog/Cat food

    • Thanks Heather! We’ll add this info to our page.

      – Kate @ VTResponse

      • Eileen says:

        Can you help get the word out that Neighborhood Connections, a non-profit agency in Londonderry, Vt, has set up a “free store” for those impacted by Irene. New and gently used clothing, shoes, household goods, and personal care products are available to anyone in need. The store front is located at the Mountain Marketplace, next to Clarks/IGA. For hours and additional information, call 824-4343.

        They are set right now on clothing donations, until more room becomes available.

      • Heather Shea says:

        Thank you Kate! Any chance it could be posted above under the heading of Vergennes as well?

    • marcie freeman says:


      Are they still accepting donations? My mom and I would like to take some things over today. We are in Charlotte.

      Thank you. Marcie

  23. I am in Southern Vermont (manchester area) and have a few bags of women’s clothing, size 6ish. Fleeces, pjs, comfy stuff, blue jeans, tshirts. Also have a box with electric rollers, etc…Would love to know who needs it and how to get it there. Suffer a bit of “can’t get there from here” in conjunction with a full time job. Email me @ with suggestions.

  24. susanne peck says:

    We are in Manchester Vermont and have three twin bed frames and mattresses and some end tables that we would like to donate, but can’t find anyone to pick them up. Please email me if someone knows anyone who would be willing to pick them up and could use them. I am at, if you have any ideas. (Salvation Army said they would not come to Manchester.) Thanks.

  25. joanne says:

    I work at a preschool in Williston. We are collecting toys, books and art supplies for children and schools/organizations who have lost their supply. Is Waitsfield Elementary the only place accepting donations like these? Will they still be receiving them towards the end of the month?

  26. Cheryl says:

    Marcie – I believe the Lions Club truck left Thursday morning to deliver their goods. Long Trail on the Falls Physical Therapy, 300 Main Street, Vergennes is accepting donations through 5 pm today.

  27. Alexandro Montenegro says:

    My name is Alexandro Montenegro, I was wondering if there are any job openings for the road repairs as well as the house repairs. I am without a job right now and would appreciate any information you could give me. I am from El Paso, Texas and would gladly go out there to help in any way. Please any information would be valuable. Thank you.

  28. Jenn Smith says:

    I live in northern VT and would like to know of a place that is accepting donations. I have mostly clothing items. Plus size womens clothes and some young boy clothes. Please contact me with any info. I would be ready to deliver these items sometime next week.


    • Cheryl Yazbek says:

      @Jenn Smith
      I was in Bethel over the past weekend and see that they have a site where they having clothing available. I am uncertain if they are still taking donations but you may want to try contacting someone in Bethel.

  29. Karen Flinn says:

    We live in Burlington and have some good used furniture we would like to donate. Mostly chairs and small tables. We don’t have a truck so we need someone to pick them up. Can anyone help? My email is if anyone would like to contact me.

  30. Brian says:

    I Have a washing machine in excellent condition. I also have a nice large floor rug. Call me at 802-229-5441

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