Ongoing Work and Our First Podcast

Thankfully, things have been pretty quiet on the direct response front here, allowing Matt, Katy and I to all get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Katy is working her PR/social media/marketing magic at a firm in Richmond, Matt is finishing up his first novel (expected August 2014) and I’m working full time at UVM’s Vaccine Testing Center and getting ready for medical school in August.

However, I’ve also spent some time over the past few months working with various groups interested in either learning from or replicating the work of VTResponse. In February, I was down in North Carolina at NC State University talking with a group of students who were planning an alternative spring break to Atlantic City. My talk focused on what they could expect when volunteering and some brief lessons learned from my work after disaster. I just heard back from their coordinator yesterday and it sounds like they had a rewarding trip full of hard work.

I’m also working with PH International, in particular their Global New Media Lab which is in the first year of three teaching students from around the world about building social media campaigns for their communities. I’m so excited for the opportunity to share what we learned and hear about the projects they have planned for their communities. As part of my time with them, I filmed my first podcast (gulp) and will get to meet many of them in April when they visit Vermont for an intensive week of work at Champlain College.

It’s great to see that the lessons learned from Irene, from social media after disaster and from VTResponse are continuing to percolate through our communities. I’m having a blast thinking about what we accomplished and playing a small role in spreading that influence to communities all over the world.

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  1. Ridho Utomo says:

    can’t wait to meet you in the Global New Media Lab workshop!

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