New Jersey

New Jersey took a serious hit from Hurricane Sandy. We are going to start compiling resources here for people within New Jersey or people hoping to stay informed on the situation in New Jersey. We will reassess later today as to whether an outside link would work better. It is our hope that grassroots efforts like ours will start up in NJ shortly and that we can support those efforts.

FORUMS One of the things we found most helpful after Irene was having a place for people to have conversations that could be archived more clearly than on Facebook. We made this for New Jersey in case it could help a community, neighborhood or county get better organized and share information while they respond.


911: Life Threatening Emergencies

211: Other Non-Emergency Assistance

Hotline for Pets left behind: 1-855-407-4787


New Jersey Office of Emergency Management

OEM Alerts and Updates Page

Road Information

List of Open Gas Stations and Stores

Crowdsourced Shelter List

Open Gas Stations Crowdmap

Voting Information: Text WHERE to 877877 and follow the prompts. Include your FULL address including city, state & zip.


Hashtags: #njsandy

#njopen (for businesses fully or partially open)


#njgas (for locating gas stations with gas)

#njrx (for open pharmacies)


Hurricane Sandy Recovery

Jersey Shore Hurricane News


Emergency volunteer hotline, 1-800-537-7397 (that’s 1-800-JERSEY-7). Backup numbers are are 609-775-5236 or 908-303-0471


County by County News, School Closings, Outages


New Jersey Counties

Atlantic County

**Atlantic City currently under boil water notice**

Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Hurricane News Grassroots, helping connect people

Newark, NJ

973 733 4311 for reporting downed trees and lines

Hoboken Power Map

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