Update: End of Day 6

It’s hard to believe that we’re at the end of Day 6. In some ways, it feels like this just started. On the other hand, it seems like this is all we’ve ever done. We’re exhausted and punchy here at vtresponse.com, but here it is, 9:30 on Saturday and everyone is still in their chairs.

Today, we activated our Exchange feature. Here, people can connect over the goods and supplies that makes a home. If you have a couch to donate, check the site and see if someone is looking for one. Craigslist, vtresponse.com style!  Thanks to Seth for staying up all night to do this.

We also posted an important note to all volunteers about etiquette. We think it’s so important that it will be living on the top of our homepage now.

We also now have a phone line. We have recognized for a number of days that not everyone is tech savvy, and we want to have lots of ways for people to ask for help. We’ll be manning the line from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. Feel free to call on off hours and leave a message as well.

Finally, we added two new pages on the website. You’ll see the much needed Thanks page (which is a work in progress) and a Business Stars page, highlighting businesses donating proceeds to help with the rebuilding. One of the best but perhaps less obvious way for people to help is to spend money at local businesses. When you get home from your day of volunteering, considering eating at one of the businesses giving back and complete the circle.

With enormous gratitude.

Sarah and the Reality VC Team.

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  1. Keith Clark says:

    I’m probably stating the obvious but I would recommend that today’s focus on clean up be that the stuff that’s on peoples lawns and side walk that’s headed for the dumpster be picked up before the rains come and make that much more of a mess. Also anything that is salvagable be put back in there homes versus covering with a tarp and left outside.

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