Storm Information: Winooski

From the City Manager in Winooski:

Weather forecasters are predicting high winds and heavy gusts starting this afternoon and continuing over night tonight. It does not appear that the rain will be significant at this point.

Given the forecast, we urge you to remove all potential projectiles from your yard. Since today is a trash collection day, please be sure you bring in your containers. Lawn furniture, political and other lawn signs, and any other item that could get picked up by high winds should also be secured.

Please stay inside when the winds pick up. The safest place from the weather is inside.

If you experience a tree or power lines down, please call the Winooski Police Department at 655-0221 or 911 in an emergency. Assume any line down is a power line and stay clear.

Should we need to open an emergency shelter, we will use the O’Brien Center at 32 Malletts Bay Avenue. The shelter would be operated by the American Red Cross. We will place announcements on radio stations and through our twitter feed at . Please do not assume the shelter is open until it is announced.

Emergency information will be sent out, if needed on the City of Winooski twitter feed @winooskivt and on the Winooski, Vermont Emergency Information Facebook page. We invite you to follow us for updates.

If you have neighbors who are not likely to get information through these channels or if you have elderly or disabled neighbors, please check on them.

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