Contact Information for Sandy

Very clear, simple list from State of Vermont (addition for Utilities ours):

The following are numbers should be used by the public in the specific circumstances outlined.

In case of an emergency: 911

If there is damage to your home, if you see road damage, or if you need any resources: contact your town.

For shelter information, evacuation information, and other disaster resources: 2-1-1.

Road Closures: 5-1-1 or

If you see a downed power line: contact your local utility. Outage information here.

VEM Web Site:

For more preparedness tips visit:

For road closures call 511 or visit:

Weather Forecast: or

Vermont Emergency Management on Facebook:

Media inquiries can be directed to Vermont Emergency Management Public Information Officer Mark Bosma at 802-241-5238 or 800-347-0488.

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1 Response to Contact Information for Sandy

  1. Jay Furr says:

    Who should we call if there’s an occult manifestation, such as the walls in the 13th Precinct bleeding? Or a full reality inversion?

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