Press Release from UVM re: Hurricane Sandy

(October 26th, 1:45 pm)

From:   Gary L. Derr

To:        UVM Community

Re:       Storm Preparations
UVM’s Emergency Operations Group is making early preparations on campus in anticipation of any possible impact from Hurricane Sandy.

Based on early predictions from the National Weather Service station in Burlington the storm is likely to take the shape of a Nor’easter that will bring strong winds and steady rainfall to the area. Tuesday is the most likely day for the storm at this time.

Based on this early forecast we are not anticipating major impact to University operations and therefore we are planning to remain open during the storm.

We will continue to monitor the storm closely and update the campus as needed via e-mail, the emergency information web site, social media platforms, and, if needed, the emergency CatAlert system will be activated.

For reliable local storm forecast information you may check:

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