Looking Back and Forward

There are no words that could capture how Katy, Matt and I are feeling today. In many ways, we’re still reeling from the experiences of the past year. We could never capture how grateful we are for the experience of running VTResponse, how frustrated we occasionally were with the state, the situation and with one another. We could never thank all the people who made it possible, who did simple things so that we didn’t collapse from exhaustion. We could never express how incredible our special little state proved itself to be.

Today, we renew our domain name for another year and hope for another year of recovery, community building and healing. Thank you for every little or big thing that you did for us and for Vermont.
Katy, Matt and Sarah

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  1. Anne Barbano says:

    Hi Katy, Matt and Sarah, It feels like yesterday. We are beholden to you for your generous efforts in creating a network to help Vermonters. This is still one of my favorite interviews because I was meeting history makers for the public good. Thank you all again. ~ ANNE

    #VTResponse to Hurricane Irene – a community story
    Interview with Sarah Waterman
    #VTResponse was the hashtag on twitter that Vermonters quickly began paying attention to in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Hurricane Irene developed into a tropical storm by the time it hit the beautiful rural state of Vermont, causing extensive flooding and washing out roads that bridged communities together. Historic bridges collapsed, with one unsettling sight caught on video with screams of heartbreak that reached a national audience. Lives were lost.
    A young native Vermont woman saw a way to connect the dots and begin tofurnish needed information that could bring help to communities. #VTReponse hashtag was born to begin the communication process of coherently tracking disaster and assistance as it came. Within days a website is born and finally an email address and official twitter name. Sarah Waterman, a premed student along with her friends and colleagues Matt Sisko and Katherine Kent define the Vermont can do spirit. Sarah tells the story and does what she’s come to be known for, giving needed information. Listen , a lot of useful information!


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