Help Needed (7/28): Burlington

Volunteers are needed to help clean up Irene and spring flood related debris at Red Rocks Park in Burlington this Saturday (7/28) from 10 am to 12 pm. This event is appropriate for individuals, groups, and families. Volunteers should dress for the weather, bring gloves and wear sturdy shoes.

If you’re wondering why an event in Burlington has anything to do with Irene, here’s a great response from Patty at the Rozalia Project:

“Most of our weekend events have been in the Burlington area, this is because it is where we have been able to mobilize the most volunteers.  It is also because we have seen that the debris that came up the Winooski and other area rivers that had settled in the lake post Irene, seems to reemerge after hard rains.  This is especially true of the Red Rocks area due to the flooding that occurred on Potash Brook during Irene.  In that park we are still finding debris hidden amongst the vegetation at the high water mark.  

Our strategy is also to get as much of the Irene, and flood related debris out of the lake as soon as it appears.  This is because the lake tends to break down the plastics and other non-biodegradable debris to a point where they are easy for fish and wild life to consume, which is something we want to avoid.”


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