Help Needed: Burlington, COTS Daystation

On the night of July 4th, a massive storm caused severe damage to COTS’ facilities. The COTS Daystation sustained tremendous structural and material loss, including seven computers, washer/dryer, and furniture. The Daystation will be closed for several weeks for cleanup and repair. COTS is seeking an emergency program relocation site.

The Daystation, a daytime drop-in shelter for homeless adults, serves 50-60 people daily, providing a noontime meal, refuge from the elements and a central space for connecting with services. Staff regularly assists guests in the following areas: employment, housing, health care, veterans’ issues, etc. Clients also can receive mail, email and phone messages at the Daystation.

How to help:
— IN-KIND DONATIONS: We immediately need paper goods (plates, napkins, cups, paper towels, toilet paper); trash bags; disposable serving dishes and utensils; cleaning supplies; computer paper; personal care items that were lost: combs, razors, deodorant and toothbrushes. Please deliver to COTS administrative offices at 95 North Ave., Burlington: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. (Find ongoing updated in-kind needs at

— PREPARED FOOD: If you would like to bring in prepared food to be served to guests at the Daystation, please email or call (802) 864-7402 to schedule a date to deliver meal and find out details on where to deliver. The meal needs to serve 50-60 people and be prepared in advance, off-site. Fresh fruit, vegetables and sandwiches welcomed.

— CASH DONATIONS: Always are welcome, too: Find “donate now” link at

Questions? Email or call 802-864-7402.

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