Tax Resources

Via Restoring Rutland

Vermont Society of CPAs has formed a task force to offer free or reduced‑fee tax preparation and consulting services to victims of the 2011 flooding.  There are special tax treatments for casualty losses, and members of the Society around the state will help taxpayers affected with their 2011 returns to take advantage of any tax provisions available.  Zoning administrators should refer requests or questions to Carolyn Stevens, CPA at 802‑485‑6448 (

There are also some resources for taxpayers who want to do some research of their own. At the IRS website, there is a wealth of info, some of which is selected by typing in the search term “disaster loss” and/or by looking for Publication 2194 (Disaster Losses Kit for Individuals) or Publication 2194B (Disaster Losses Kit for Businesses).  Pages 23‑45 of the individual kit contain the asset listings which could easily be printed out for use as a prompt to develop loss information (or to improve the comprehensiveness of any list already made).

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