The Irene Effect (12/14)

Vermont Public Radio is airing a special segment on December 14th at noon and 7 pm about “The Irene Effect.”  The program will explore the stories of those still coping with the aftermath of Irene and how rebuilding efforts may mitigate the effects of future floods.

From VPR’s Press Release:

“The Irene Effect” also captures the uplifting moments when communities came together in the wake of the flood.  Pittsfield, a town with no doctor’s office or school, was isolated by the storm.  Residents set up a clinic and held classes on the town green in the days following Irene.

‘The Irene Effect’ examines what we’ve learned from the experience and what can be done to better protect us from future floods.  We hear concerns about damage to streams and rivers, and learn what the state would do differently in the future to better protect them.  We visit places where roads and the land beneath them were completely washed away and learn what’s being done to build them so they’ll hold up in future floods.

More information is available here.

If you miss the edition on the 14th, the program will also air on 12/17 at 4 pm and 12/28 at 9 am.

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