Ongoing Help Needed: Bethel

We are looking for volunteers to help answer phones and work our morning shift 9-11 Monday, Wednesday, Friday.   We are also looking for a few volunteers to work the center this Saturday (11/5) answering phones and helping people that come in.  Our new hours are Mon, Wed, Friday 9-11am and 3-6 pm.  Saturday 9-6,  We could use volunteers to answer phones our other opened hours as well. Bethel’s Irene Recovery and Renew Center is now opened 🙂 .  Our number is 234-2188, the most likely person to be answering calls is Ola.

We are also looking for donations of cleaning supplies and gloves to help restock the Recovery and Renew Center.

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2 Responses to Ongoing Help Needed: Bethel

  1. I could do this and would be happy to– but Saturdays aren’t possible for me. Let me know if I can do it another day.
    I’d like to help if I can on a weekday.

  2. Reality VC says:

    If you are interested in helping at this site, please contact the Coordinator directly at the number listed above to volunteer.

    Sarah at VTResponse

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