Donation Drive (11/19): Stowe

There will be a donation drive on 11/19 organized by ReSOURCE to help families affected by Irene begin to rebuild. The attached document outlines desired items, which can be dropped off at Stowe Electric from 8 to 12 on the 19th. If you have extra building materials around or are replacing appliances or large items, this is an excellent way to clean up and give back.


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2 Responses to Donation Drive (11/19): Stowe

  1. modi.k says:

    Probably asked a lot, but is there any pickup available for larger items, e.g. water heater?
    have one been looking to donate for years now, sure it’s still in working condition

    • Reality VC says:

      If you have an item to donate, we can always ask to see if someone is willing to help with pickup. If you are interested in this Stowe event, we recommend you contact the organizers directly to ask. An alternative is to post it on the Exchange at and say that you need delivery help as well.


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