Update 10/21

VT Clean Up Day is Saturday, 10/22. If you are able to help, please head over to http://vtcleanup.org to sign up and get involved. Tomorrow’s projects are listed below, along with anything we know about for Sunday. Also look for Sunday opportunities to be posted on Saturday afternoon.

Where to Volunteer

Help Needed (10/21): Warren

Help Needed (10/18 to 10/23): Quechee

Help Needed (ongoing): Wilmington

Help Needed (10/23): Northfield

Other Help Needed

Dump Trucks Needed (10/22): Rochester

Heavy Machinery Needed for 10/22

Corn and Hay Needed: Woodstock

Cow Grade Hay Needed: Granville

The VT Exchange

Help 3 Families in Waterbury

Chipping in for Dumpsters and Beyond

Benefits (please email us to have yours added!)

Benefit (10/22): Hancock

Benefit (10/22): Dummerston

Spaghetti Dinner (10/24): Barre

Batting for Vermont Benefit 11/12/11


Resource List from VCF (10/20)

Free Rebuilding Workshops: Pittsfield and Brattleboro

Barn for Sale: Jamaica

Update: FEMA Deadline

Vters4Vters: Another Way to Help

A Thank You for Volunteers

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