Barn for Sale: Jamaica

We don’t normally post this up here for sale, but in this case, we are making an exception. Tracy lost everything in Irene: her home, her land, her belongings. All that is left is a beautiful barn, built in the 1840s, which Tracy is now putting up for sale to help offset the cost of rebuilding after Irene. A picture is attached. Please share widely if you know of someone who might be interested in a beautiful piece of Vermont history. The barn is located in Jamaica. If you are interested, please email Tracy at

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3 Responses to Barn for Sale: Jamaica

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  2. Lola Angus says:

    Well what I said was my opinion and as a citizen of Jamaica this is just too hard to believe. There so many times people by places and then after paying their money and investing in it they find out there is no such place. No matter who it was sent in by.

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