How to Help 10/14

It’s hard to believe that it’s already October. Today was unseasonably warm and tomorrow is forecast to be warm as well. Wind and rain sets in tomorrow night, though, a reminder that although we’ve had a beautiful week, it’s October and we know what’s around the corner.

It’s been an interesting week. We’ve started to see a “second round” of help requests, either from people who were too overwhelmed to ask for help the first time or who are realizing that they do need outside help. Work requests have shifted towards the weekend, but the need remains great and we are hopeful that if you are able, you’ll head out there this weekend. Huge thanks to our angels, helping get the Carhartt deliveries out into communities.

Where to Volunteer 10/14:

Videography Help Needed (10/14): Waitsfield

Help Needed (10/14): Waitsfield

Help Needed (10/12 to 10/15): Brattleboro

Help Needed (ongoing): Wilmington

Help Needed (1 Day, 10/9 to 10/14): Waterbury

Help Needed (10/10 through 10/14): Quechee

Help Needed (ongoing): Rutland

Weekend Preview:

Help Needed (10/15 and 10/16): Brattleboro

Big Help Needed (10/15): Rochester

Help Needed (10/15 and 10/16): Northfield

Help Needed (10/12 to 10/15): Brattleboro

Help Needed (10/15): Richmond

Help Needed (10/15): Richmond

Finally, don’t forget about the Clothes Exchange on Saturday and Sunday in Burlington, a benefit for the Intervale. If you are interested in helping out next weekend, 10/22, don’t forget VT Clean Up Day. You can sign up to volunteer at


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