How to Help 10/12

Where to Volunteer:

Help Needed (10/11 and 10/12): Moretown

Help Needed (10/11 and 10/12): Mad River Valley

Help Needed (10/12): Bridgewater

Help Needed (ongoing): Rutland

Weekend Preview (and look for info on Bethel soon):

Help Needed (10/15): Richmond

Help Needed (10/15): Richmond

Big Help Needed (10/15): Rochester

Other Ways to Help:

Chipping in for Dumpsters and Beyond

Storage Needed: Waterbury

Help 3 Families in Waterbury

Vters4Vters: Another Way to Help

Upcoming Benefits:

Burlington-area Benefit 10/15 and 10/16

Batting for Vermont Benefit 11/12/11

VT Clean Up Day:

Today, I proudly stood with the Governor of Vermont and announced the culmination of two weeks of hard work and insane hours. It is our hope that helps re-energize volunteers, bring in more donations and get supplies to those who are working to clean up and rebuild. To say that this was a collaborative effort doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. Enormous thanks and credit to Katherine Betzer, Betsy Ide, Ari Wengroff, Neale Lunderville, Katie Rutherford and Michael Nedell for being part of an all-weekend work crew. If you have work request for anything before or after that day, please feel free to submit as usual, via the forms or If you would like to ask for help for the 22nd, email or click here.

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