Where to Help 10/8 and 10/9

As much as we wish the list of places to help was getting smaller, it simply is not. This weekend, we will need hundreds of volunteers to get through all of these projects. Some of these requests are ongoing ones, which demonstrates how much work it is to clean up. Some are new; new towns, new people, new needs. We may feel like response is wrapping up, but there are people around the state still in great need. Please consider giving a few hours this weekend to help a neighbor put the pieces back together.

Help Needed (10/8 or 10/9): Bomoseen

Help Needed (10/8): Mad River Valley

Help Needed (10/9): White River Junction

Help Needed (10/8 and 10/9): Brattleboro

Storage Needed: Waterbury

Help Needed (10/8): Rochester

Help Needed (10/8 and 10/9): White River Junction

Help Needed (10/8 and 10/9): West Woodstock

Help Needed (10/8 and 10/9): West Hartford

Help Needed (10/8 and 10/9): Rochester

Help 3 Families in Waterbury

Help Needed (10/8 and 10/9): Moretown

Help Needed (10/9): Rochester

Help Needed 10/9: Moretown

Weekend Help Needed (10/1 to November): Waterbury

Help Needed (10/8 and 10/9): Bridgewater

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