Help 3 Families in Waterbury

A teacher from Waterbury wrote to us to ask for help for three families in her classroom that were severely affected by the flood. These children have been given used toys and backpacks and other donations, but not all of these donations are what they needed to replace and move on. Gift cards will allow these kids to buy the things that they want or need and to start the process of making their houses homes again.

1) Family A:  Lost everything (all toys and clothes.) Kids ages 11, 7 and 4.  Entire 1st floor flooded and needs new everything.
2) Family B:  Mom had a daycare downstairs.  Kids Ages 5 and 2.
3) Family C: Didn’t have power for days.   Kids ages 9, 4 and2.

Gift Cards can be sent to:

Thatcher Brook Primary School c/o A. Scribner 47 Stowe St Waterbury, VT 05676

(If I get more than what I need I would share with my co-teacher who also has 3 children affected in her classroom.) There were 5-6 neighborhoods in our school that were hit hard!!

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5 Responses to Help 3 Families in Waterbury

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  2. Matt Shepherd says:

    I have a fair mix of 3t,4t & 5t girls clothing including raincoat and bibs and a pink DOWN jacket. Shoes (girls) mix of dress,rugged and rainboots all abit weathered but TOP quality and with plenty of wear left. Some toys and games all in excellent condition. It’s easier to call me. Matt @ (802) 373-3428 will be coming from Winooski.

  3. Scott W says:

    For the kids it would be helpful to know if they are boys or girls, I have a ton of clothes in great condition for girls in the vicinity of 9-12.

    • Reality VC says:

      Hi Matt and Scott:
      Thanks for your offers. In this case, the teacher is looking for gift cards, as it is her sense that these families need the flexibility to replace items.

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