Where to Help 10/5

Here’s where to volunteer tomorrow:

Equipment Operators Needed: Rochester

Help Needed (ongoing): Statewide

Help Needed: Marshfield

Help Needed: Sharon

Help Needed: Rutland

Help Needed: Stockbridge

Help Needed: Londonderry and Jamaica

Help Needed: Townsend

Help Needed: Brattleboro

Help Needed: Stockbridge


There will be a Select Board Meeting on October 10th in Bethel. There will be a free phone conference on October 13th to discuss how to rebuild more resilient communities.

Other Ways to Help

Work in an office where you can’t take a day? Consider organizing an office collection to raise money for an affected community or helping meet the needs of someone who has posted on our Exchange.

There are also lots of benefits around that are fun ways to give back. Here’s one for fashionistas and one for foodies. More of the rugged type? Here’s an Irene style triathlon worth trying out.

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