Update from VTResponse

Somehow, it’s October 4th. September was a big blur of long hours and incessant posting, emailing and phone calls. Now, we’re about 4 weeks from frozen ground and snowfall. The reality is that we are racing a clock with ever-decreasing volunteer interest. In the past week or so, we’ve heard from coordinators in communities wondering where the volunteers have gone. One wrote yesterday, “I don’t know how we’ll continue to rebuild without volunteers.”  We don’t know either.

VTResponse is all volunteer as well. Matt and Katy had to transition back to our regular day job, so that I can continue to work on this without draining the coffers of our company. Right now, someone mans the streams of information all the time, posting information as soon as it comes in. This requires about 16 hours of attention daily, and isn’t feasible for one person. It’s a difficult decision, but we are going to transition VTResponse to a more streamlined system. So what can you expect?

  • You will see an Evening Post that rounds up all the ways to help the following day, as well as any needs that came in throughout the day. The site will look the same, it is the frequency of updates that will change.
  • The Evening Post will include information on volunteering, donations, benefits and other pertinent information from FEMA, the State of Vermont or local governments.
  • Emails will be returned in the evening and in the early morning

If you need help, please continue to use this form. If you want to help, keep checking the website. You can search by date (month/date e.g. 10/4) to find any events happening on that day. You can also search by location or the term “ongoing” for longer term projects. The evening posts will have a wealth of information about ways to help. You can expect the bulk of projects to center around the weekends; if you want to come up to help, we can almost guarantee that there will be a spot for you on a Saturday or Sunday!

Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do to help #vtrebuild.


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