Weekend Preview 10/1 and 10/2

The weather for this weekend is icky…and a harbinger of things to come. We’ve come a long way, but we have miles to go before winter is upon us, so please consider helping out at one of the following places over the weekend. We will be adding more posts throughout the day and will do a final Saturday post this evening.

Help Needed 10/1: Sharon

Help Needed 10/1: Bethel

Weekend Help Needed (10/1 to November): Waterbury

Help Needed (10/1 and 10/2): Brattleboro

Help Needed: Waitsfield 10/1

Help Needed: W. Berlin 10/1

Volunteers Needed 10/1: Woodstock

Help Needed (10/2): Granville

Help Needed 10/2: Moretown

Help Needed (10/2): Rochester

Help Needed (10/1 and 10/2): Brattleboro

Help Needed (ongoing): Gaysville/Stockbridge

Ongoing Help Needed: Londonderry and Jamaica

Help Needed (9/29 to ongoing): Townsend

Long Term Help Needed: Brattleboro

Help Needed (ongoing): Rutland

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