Clothing Needed: Woodstock

A family in Woodstock has specific clothing needs so that they can return to work and school.  Women’s work khakis, in size 12 are needed. Women’s pants in sizes 6 to 8 are needed as well. We would like to have this organized by tomorrow morning. If you are able to deliver to a central location in Woodstock, please let us know. 3 pairs of each would be great (6 pairs total).

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5 Responses to Clothing Needed: Woodstock

  1. kathbel says:

    Am at Bethel donation center helping this week. Will check to see if they have what is requested. If yes can deliver to Woodstock around 4:30 or 5:30 this evening. Will let you know.

  2. Reality VC says:

    Thanks. Let us know if you are able to drop these clothes off.

    Sarah at VTResponse

  3. kathbel says:

    have some size 6 and 8 pants. One pair 12 khaki and another pair I think may be 12.

    Am driving from Bethel to Springfield now. It is 3:10 now. Will stop in Woodstock on way and hope can connect.

    My cell is 978-902-3952

  4. kathbel says:

    am in Woodstock with pants and a phone battery that won’t last long.

    where to bring pants? call 978-902-3952

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