Feedback: Moretown

From Moretown, Jeb Bouchard writes:

“We had 30-35 volunteers I think. THANK YOU!

“Still lots more to do…

“It’s hard enough seeing my friends/neighbors in the village of Moretown lose their entire first floor… but I learned from helping Scott and Pat how a lost bridge is more than just an access issue. Everything takes longer… so there’s less time to do the chores you would normally be doing. For example, Scott had a meeting in Burlington . He had to put on grunge clothes, load up his Kabota with his suit and meeting items, drive it to the canoe. Take 3-4 canoe trips to the car. Dress in his suit, drive to Burlington and then head back and reverse the process. It was a 14 hour day. It’s the same with getting groceries, etc. So chores like putting hay away, etc, don’t get done. So not only does he need help rebuilding his road and bridge, he needs help getting caught up.

“Vermont has a long road ahead! Thank you for helping make it better!”


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