Help Needed (9/18): West Hartford

  •  Small business owner Rex Associates (garage) at 5043 Rt. 14, W. Hartford,  needs help cleaning and sorting tools.
  • House at 6025 Rt. 14 which they have not been able to even get in to begin cleaning. This house needs mud-mucking and clearing. You may just show up on Sunday, and will be much appreciated.
  • Homeowner in West Hartford needs help cleaning mud out of basement. This is a dirty job, and you’ll need strong arms. Please wear boots, and bring your own shovel and mask. You may show up at 5213 Rt. 14 in W. Hartford on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Homeowner in West Hartford needs help carrying things that have been cleaned back in to his barn. Also could use help with general cleaning. Please stop by on Saturday or Sunday, with work clothes and gloves, at 4708 Rt. 14.
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