Helping for Sunday

A mix of good news and bad news is filtering in from volunteer sites. Proctor had 100+ volunteers today. A project in Brattleboro only had two, and it’s their third weekend asking for help.

If you are thinking about helping tomorrow, make some firm plans. Grab a friend or three friends. Work for the morning or work for the afternoon. There are many people in need of help across the state. Many of our posts from the Saturday roundup are two day events. So find a place to help and give a ring to the contact person to see what kind of help they could use tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Helping for Sunday

  1. carolyn mugar says:

    I am driving to VT from Boston area and will meet 2 others from VT and will arrive around 11am-noon.
    Is there someone who can use us in the afternoon in the White river Junction area?
    . One can bring a chain saw and a truck and shovels.
    Please let us know.

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