Help Needed (multiple posts): Waterbury

  • I could use help this weekend or next week hanging sheet rock as it is not my strong point. Call if you can help to make sure we are home. Thank you-Peace 244-8764
  • I need someone with a chainsaw willing to cut some large trees from my property on Randall street. They can keep the hardwood which will make good firewood and there is one locust tree that is good for posts, fencing and planks.

    I also may need some masonry work done on my foundation and may need to remove my porch. I will know more soon.
    Please call 497-4626

  • I need volunteers to help remove a wood wall in the basement and scrub it with bleach and spray it with moldicide. Please bring crow bars, scrub brushes, bleach and sprayer. Please call me at 244-6268 or 279-0521 with any questions. Thank you!
  • 4-6 volunteers needed for removing plywood skirting on mobile homes. Probably 3-4 hours of work . Call first. 238-1233. Call to find out what is needed to bring. Thank you!
  • Need volunteers at two houses on Main street.
    We need people willing to put on moldicide (we have the equipment).
    We need people who can insulate (we have the materials). We need people who can hang sheetrock at one house (it doesn’t need to be taped) and we have the sheetrock,
    At the other house it needs to be hung and taped.
    Please call me at 802-760-7049 to coordinate. Thank you so much!
  • Volunteers needed to paint and clean on 9/17. Gloves and masks needed. Approximately 5 volunteers needed. Please call 802-318-8093. Thank you!
  • I need 4-6 volunteers on South Main in Waterbury ASAP to remove sheetrock and plywood and do clean up and possible floor removal. Shop vacs and Flat bar screwdrivers, hammers, sheetrock knives needed for the work.
    Call 229-8251.
    Also need help relocating appliances.
    Also need moldicide applied two two houses probably 9/20.
  • My home was completely destroyed. I need people to help demolish and remove and salvage newer materials of the old home so I can get a new one brought in soon.
    I need someone to pressure wash the driveway,
    We need Men’s Pants size 36/28 and Medium T-shirts Size 36 underwear, socks.
    Female small to medium t-shirts and size 2 pants and underwear and socks. Size 7 1/2 to 8 women’s shoes.
    244-4994 Thank you.
    Cleaning supplies are needed including a vacuum.
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4 Responses to Help Needed (multiple posts): Waterbury

  1. Dorothy Singleton says:

    I bought some cleaning supplies, two 5 gal buckets, 2 pairs gloves with long sleeves, paper towels, small sponges, 30 gal. garbage bags, crayons and book for a child. Where can I take these? Anybody from Calais heading there? Dot Singleton 229-0861

  2. Dorothy Singleton says:

    I have a small dehumidifier as well. Dot Singleton

    • Reality VC says:

      Hi Dot:
      If you haven’t found a way to transport, we are moving some things around on Friday and could possibly take from Calais to the supply center in Bethel.

      Sarah at

  3. Dorothy Singleton says:

    Hi Sarah, do you want to take some cleaning supplies in buckets as well? Please call me! 229-0861.

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