Where to Help Friday 9/16 (Lots and Lots of Need)

We have 20 requests for help tomorrow (9/16). Many are for groups of 10 or more people, and a couple are for groups of 50. Our work is not over. Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do. Keep spreading the word; we have at least 3 busy weekends ahead.

Help Needed (9/16): Andover

Help Needed (9/16 to 9/18): Granville

Help Needed (9/15 to 9/17): Hancock

Help Needed (9/16): Jamaica

Help Needed (9/16, 9/17, 9/18): Jamaica/Londonderry

Equipment Needed: Londonderry

Plymouth Needs Your Big Help Tomorrow 9/16

Help Needed: Plymouth 9/15-Completion

Help Needed 9/16: Proctor

Technician/Repairman Needed: Rochester 9/13-Completion

Help Needed (Daily til 9/30): Rochester
Help Needed (Ongoing): Stockbridge

Help Needed (9/16): Waitsfield

Help Needed (9/16): Waitsfield

Help Needed Masonry/Concrete: Waterbury

Farm Help Needed (9/16 and 9/17): Wells

Help Needed (9/16, 9/17 and 9/18): White River Junction

Seeking People with Heavy Equipment and Saws

Help Needed: Missing Person

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