Update: Weekend in Plymouth, VT

Hey guys, just wanted to write you to let you know what we are planning for this weekend.

As you know from previous posts, the town of Plymouth has been in rough shape for a while. They’re only beginning to get the roads fixed for civilian vehicles, and even then it’s a matter of how the weather has been. They’ve been strict on non-local traffic, and for very good reason. There are treacherous parts that are inaccessible by a non-four wheel drive vehicle.

That said, we’re coordinating with some awesome people from the Farm and Wilderness Camp, an organization that has dedicated their full resources to helping those in need in the Plymouth area.

As we solidify plans with them for Friday and the weekend (9/16 through 9/18), we want to make sure we can follow through on our volunteer push. So stay tuned! If you want to volunteer in Plymouth, we will have exact locations for you by tomorrow afternoon. So mark you calendar!

We have (optimistically) three weeks of hard work in front of us. After that, we can all grab some local brews and give each-other pats on the back. You guys rock.

Matt and the VT Response team.

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4 Responses to Update: Weekend in Plymouth, VT

  1. Terry Martin says:

    I have a 4wd pick up, heading there early Saturday morning,returning Sunday afternoon. Any hearty soul or two, willing to tent for the night, let me know. I will bring my large tent, willing to share space. Also have a safe place for you to park your vehicle in Thetford, Vt., or West Lebanon, NH.

    Let me know, and let’s help these people.

  2. Anne Barbano says:

    Will there be a group getting together in Plymouth Sunday? If yes, Times? Location? Thank you! Anne from Burlington!

  3. Ann Pearce says:

    If there’s a group going from Burlington on Sunday, I would be interested in carpooling.

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