Plymouth Needs Your Big Help Tomorrow 9/16

Full disclosure: we admit this is last minute and we wish we had more time to hype this, but…

We have a huge event tomorrow in Plymouth! We’ve been working closely with the Farm and Wilderness Camp and here are the plans they’ve coordinated:

There will be vans picking up volunteers at 8:45 and 9:30 at the Tyson library/Echo Lake Inn (for people coming from rt 100S) and at the Killington Snowmobile tours (up rt100 at the junction of rt 4 and rt100). The vans will be taking volunteers into Plymouth to various residences and stores.

If you miss the bus and can get through the road block (Smile and say Matt from VT Response sent you!) , you can catch up with everyone at the Plymouth school on 100a.

The vans are prepared to carry up to 70 people into and out of Plymouth so the more the merrier!

Please bring, along with your best Vermont attitude, gloves, long sleeves, N95 masks, shovels if you have them, water bottles and a lunch. The local elementary school will have most of the cleaning supplies.

For any questions, email Jay Kullman at

This is going to be a really great event and we hope we’re not too late getting it together. If you can go, hit up the comments! We’ll be driving ourselves crazy all day wondering how big a success we’re sure it will be.

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One Response to Plymouth Needs Your Big Help Tomorrow 9/16

  1. kathbel says:

    Hi Matt, know you are super busy with all the organizing of this big event in Plymouth. Whenever you have a minute next week would you let me know if the work in Plymouth is only on weekends or if there are tasks there during weekdays.

    I will be up to work on Sept 26, 27, 28, 29 with 2 other people and we could plan to go there. Or, I’ll just keep an eye on your postings of “help needed” on a daily basis.

    Thanks! You guys are TERRIFIC!!

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