Dry Firewood Needed: Brattleboro

We need a bit of dry firewood to get us going into the heating season. Much of ours floated away, and what’s left is a soggy, silt-covered mess; needs to be washed and re-stacked! (who ever heard of such a thing?) If you have any to spare, we’d be much obliged. We can pick up in Brattleboro or surrounding towns. We could repay you in kind once ours is dried out. Thanks!


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1 Response to Dry Firewood Needed: Brattleboro

  1. rc says:

    Does it have to be cut and split? I have a bunch of 4-5 foot logs that have been sitting around for a year. If you are able to cut and split the logs, I’m happy to bring a pick-up load over. Let me know.


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