The Winter Warmth Project: Quilts for Vermonters

The Winter Warmth Project will provide a new quilt for every Vermont flood victim. If you lost your belongings or your home due to Hurricane Irene, or know someone who did we would appreciate it if you would put us in touch with them. The easiest way is e-mail:  winterwarmthproject(at)yahoo(dot)com

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11 Responses to The Winter Warmth Project: Quilts for Vermonters

  1. Rachael Kozielec says:

    Does the Winter Warmth Project need quilts to give? If so, where can the quilts be sent to? Thanks!

    • Reality VC says:

      Hi Rachael, I just got word from Pamela at Winter Warmth Project. Here’s what she was able to tell me: we will accept donations of fabric, batting, labor, tops and finished quilts (if they have been handmade). We do not want purchased quilts or used quilts. If you would like further information or can donate any of the above, use the email address we listed. Thanks!

    • Teresa Oden says:

      Rachel (and others with bedding to give): the flood relief center in Sharon, VT (right in town, at the Seven Stars Center building) has sent out a call for bedding. It’s good to check with any donation center before you take goods in. Some of them are swamped with donations that are not what they most need.

      Teresa Oden

  2. Mary Schwartz says:

    I have received a donation of material for making quilts and want to donate it. Where do I send/deliver it? I live in eastern New York state.

    • Reality VC says:

      Hi Mary, we just serve as a clearinghouse for all of this information. Please contact the Winter Warmth Project using the contact info listed in the post. Thank you!

  3. Heidi Fieldston says:

    Hi – I’m cutting up a bunch of scrap fabric as we speak.. what are the requirements as to size?

    • Reality VC says:

      Try contacting the group at winterwarmthproject(at)yahoo(dot)com. They are going to know all these kinds of details. Thanks for helping.


  4. Mary Schwartz says:

    I will be delivering 3 finished twin sized quilts and a lot of fabric for making quilts to Waitsfiled the first weekend in November. Enjoy the fabrics. Mary

  5. Karen Borden says:

    Just want to thank Pam and the other wonderful people making the quilts I received 2 from Pam last week and they are beautiful and made with love. Thanks everyone Karen B Randolph

  6. Mary Schwartz says:

    I will be sending three more finished quilts your way this week. Twin, lap size (crib) and a baby quilt.

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