Heavy Equipment Needed ASAP: Stockbridge and Waitsfield 9/13-Completion

We’ve been in touch with the towns of Stockbridge and Waitsfield and they have both requested heavy equipment. Please contact us if you have things like:

  • Dump trucks able to pick up, remove debris, and come back a few times
  • Bucket loaders
  • Pick-ups with winches
  • chainsaws, crowbars, shovels

The town of Stockbridge has a ton of debris that needs clearing. A job that could take hundreds of man hours can be accomplished in a day with a bucket loader and dump truck

The situation in Waitsfield is more complicated. The river has re-routed so that it now runs through someone’s back yard. Debris have bottle-necked and, in the event of a rain storm, will most likely break the damn and cause a flood-type rush down river. A bucket loader could gradually ease the tension from the damned debris and prevent that problem.

If you have any access to these materials please contact us ASAP. 802-922-4202, or vtresponse@yahoo.com.

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