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Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

While we are thankful that the Burlington area and UVM campus were only minimally affected by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene, we are greatly saddened by the devastation and destruction elsewhere in our state. The University, in various capacities, is seeking ways to assist those significantly impacted by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene.

We know that there are people in our UVM community who have also been significantly impacted by this natural disaster, some experiencing a total loss of their livelihood.  If you or your family have been significantly affected by the storm, please consider completing a short online form by Friday, September 16 to let the University know how you have been impacted and what your current needs are.

Please click here to complete the form: Hurricane Irene Impacts on the UVM Community

We will use the information we receive to inform how we may, as an institution, be able to assist you. Additionally, we plan to reach out to those who have been affected who wish to be contacted.

Like the whole of Vermont, UVM is a wonderful community of people who are dedicated to helping each other. If you need support, please do not hesitate to seek it.


Gary L. Derr
Vice President for Executive Operations

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