#VTResponse Big Day of Helping: 9/16

On September 16, 2011, several large groups have taken the time off from work and school to pitch in to do our first Big Day of Helping. We’re writing this post to reach out to communities in need of a volunteer effort to clear a large area.

We have groups ranging in size from 12 to 200 (which can be split into smaller groups). If your area needs a large group,  please consider contacting us about our Big Day of Helping. Some ideas for how to use many hands:

  • fields cleared
  • main streets cleaned up
  • debris piles moved
  • clothing/donation sorting

We’re also preparing a large clothing donation for communities affected by hurricane Irene. A company much beloved by Vermonters has generously donated 18,000 new articles of durable clothing to affected families. In the next few days we’ll be reaching out to community organizers in affected towns about ways to get these donations to people most in need. Bundles of 50 tops and bottoms are available; please let us know if you are an affected area in need of durable, new work clothes.

As we get a better grasp of where our volunteer resources would be most valuable, we’ll be updating posts with “#VTResponse Big Day of Helping.”

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6 Responses to #VTResponse Big Day of Helping: 9/16

  1. stewstryker says:

    How can more people sign up to help on this day? I’m in the White River Junction area.

    • Reality VC says:

      There will be lots of opportunities to help on Friday. We will do our regular evening post on Thursday and will be posting opportunities throughout the week. If you are part of a larger group (10 or more people), please email at vtresponse@yahoo.com with details. Thanks.

      • stewstryker says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. I work in a large building and will try to get a team of 10+ together and notify you.

  2. Marie Anderson says:

    Great to have large groups helping! Once the people, the streets and roadways are taken care of, perhaps some of the folks could be directed to help clean up debris from the brooks, rivers and lakes? There is a lot of household stuff, tires, and other misc stuff floating around out there. Just a thought….

  3. Kris says:

    Our employers are paying us to help with voluneer efforts on Friday. We have 5 people and a pick up truck. The Thursday evening post will be a little too late for us to make our plans, will there be volunteer work that we can sign up for before Thursday? We are in Shelburne.

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