Rental Housing Needed

Housing placement is one of FEMA’s primary responsibilities.  When people contact FEMA to register damage to their property they are asked if they have a place to stay or if they need housing.  FEMA then follows up a few days later to be sure they still have at least temporary housing.  If they need placement in housing, FEMA will work with them to help them find housing close to their community.  Vermont Emergency Management (VEM), the Agency of Commerce & Community Development (ACCD), and the newly formed Irene Housing Task Force (IHTF) are helping FEMA identify rental vacancies and other temporary housing options throughout the state which FEMA calls “Rental Resources”.  All rental resources are input into a database which is used by FEMA staff and is the basis for the information available through FEMA’s housing portal located at:  Individuals can also search for housing through the portal.

FEMA working in coordination with VEM, the ACCD, and the IHTF are searching for rental property for temporary housing for Vermont residents who have been displaced by the flood to be included in the FEMA rental resources database.  If you know of anyone who has available rental property (apartments, homes, condos, etc), please have them contact FEMA at 866-330-5286 to have their property listed as a rental resource.

Information that will need to be provided to FEMA:

Address including street name, county, state

Name of owner

Contact phone number for owner

# of units

# of bedrooms

Rent amount

Utilities provided (all, none, cable, trash pick up, water/sewer, electric, gas, heating oil.)

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