Help Needed 9/12 (ongoing): Moretown School

Moretown School was impacted by the flood and had to be gutted.  School resumed 9/7 with three off-site field trips.  School in the building was to resume Mon 9/13 but has been delayed again, but hopefully for no more than a week.

We have arranged for tents to be set up for outside “classrooms” on our grounds.  We are looking for authors, presenters, etc with experience performing or doing workshops with students in grades K-6 to come to Moretown and be a part of our learning community.  Come for an hour – come for a morning – come for a day!

In addition, any business that can donate breakfast or lunch for 125 is needed as well.

Contact me asap if you can help.

Thank you!
Meg Allison
mallison (at) moretownschool (dot) org

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4 Responses to Help Needed 9/12 (ongoing): Moretown School

  1. Sheila Braun says:

    Hi Meg,

    I have a master’s degree in English and am a statistician. I can help with math or Language Arts. I work as an editor and analyst. I also have a mustang horse that I can ride to Moretown for a workshop on the history of this American horse. Please let me know if I can help in any way. I am available Wednesday afternoons,, Thursdays, and Friday mornings.


    • Reality VC says:

      Hi Sheila –
      We posted this request to our site on behalf of Moretown school, so there is a good chance that Meg will not be checking this post. Please contact her at the email address provided. Thanks for your generous offer of help!

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