Help Needed (9/11): Berlin

Weston Trailer Park in Berlin is still in need of some support. In particular, three homes have residents who are not able to finish cleaning up. These homes are farthest back in the park and have not seen a lot of volunteer attention. There is also a need for supplies, in particular Clorox Bleach Wipes, N95 masks, contractor strength garbage bags and cold water/gatorade. The park is without water, so cold drinks are always, always appreciated.

At 42 Weston is Mr. Kidder.

At 88 Weston is Mr. Ashford.

At 140 Weston are Mr. and Mrs. Nissen.

If you are going to volunteer here tomorrow, please bring an N95 mask (an extra to share would be much appreciated).

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8 Responses to Help Needed (9/11): Berlin

  1. Melanie Webster says:

    I just tried these numbers…all given to me this morning…the first 2 are apparently out of service, and Mr. & Mrs Nissen did get help from their son in law this afternoon, so may be ok. I know help is still needed in Weston’s, and this area in particular. Please, if you can help with clean up, or food, or just show up to listen and sympathize….that helps a lot.

  2. Sarah says:

    Sarah here. I’ll just leave addresses, then, so that people don’t get the wrong number and give up. Thanks for being a constant advocate for this area.

  3. Trevor says:

    We were there with the Stuff A Truck event today. All those items were available to them for the taking. I am not sure who got what though. So, I think they are at least good for a little bit. But obviously things will run out sooner rather than later. Talked to one resident about how high the water got. Approx 4.5-5 feet high. Craziness.

  4. Melanie Webster says:

    The stuff A Truck was excellent. Trash bags and bleach wipes got wiped out. Rent A Center provided more trash bags which were distributed later in the day. I think many made it to the donation area and in good shape now. Most residents are done or nearly done with their cleanup, unfortunately, some have barely begun.
    Thanks to everyone who donated and those who packed and unpacked the truck and helped distribute. It was awesome!

  5. Paul Lambert says:

    I’m coming from town of Georgia. Just checking to make sure Weston can still use help this morning. Is there a phone number to call in to?

    • Reality VC says:

      Unfortunately we don’t have a contact number. But if you are in a position to do so, please take a drive down anyways! You can view our “places to help Sunday” post to see if there is something nearby that could serve as a plan B if Westen has enough people this morning.

      Katy @ #VTResponse

  6. Amy says:

    I had the privilege of working alongside a group of Norwich Cadets today. We helped homeowners in the Weston’s Mobile Home Park empty their homes. After two weeks there is still alot to do down there – the mold is thick, the river water still present in cabinets, closets and drawers, and there is mud everywhere. It was dirty, smelly, backbreaking work, but the Cadets didn’t stop, complain or seemingly tire. They represented themselves, their families and their school extremely well – I was proud to work with them!

  7. Hello,
    My wife and I are bring two trays of homemade Lasagna and beverages (water, seltzer and soda) for dinner this evening. We also have other non-perishable food stuffs and other things folks there might need.
    We should be there at 5pm.


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