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Vermont’s Department of Children and Families says households that received food benefits in August and then lost food during Tropical Storm Irene are eligible for extra benefits.

Renee Richardson is director of Vermont’s food and nutrition programs. She says people in the ‘3SquaresVT’ program will be reimbursed for the value of their food loss up to the amount they were eligible to receive in the month of August.  “This is really important, because some folks stockpile their food. And so, even though the storm hit us about 3 days before the beginning of the next month for some folks who had stockpiled their food or who lost their entire homes or whatever, they will be able to get their full August benefit replaced, if that’s the value of their food.”  

from 9/9/2011

Households in the ‘3SquaresVT’ program who lost food as a result of the storm should contact the Vermont Department for Children and Families to request a replacement benefit. 

Call 1-800-479-6151.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you cannot get thru on the phone- go into your local office, or try calling after the office is closed and leaving a message. There have been some phone issues, it’s all running a bit differently due to flooding in waterbury taking out the call center.

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