Update: Hurricane Flats Farm South Royalton

We just saw this story on WPTZ, and wanted to share with everyone that the Hurricane Flats Farm had close to 150 volunteers there today! The farm suffered a tremendous loss because of Irene, but the kind words of owner Geo Honigford express his appreciation for the volunteers who helped clean up and was even able to joke about the irony in the farms’ name. You can read the whole story and see the video on WPTZ’s website by clicking here.

Kudos to those that saw our posts about the farm, and headed to South Royalton today. We hope to hear many more stories like this. At this time, Hurricane Flats does not need anymore volunteers. We’ll let you know if this changes.

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2 Responses to Update: Hurricane Flats Farm South Royalton

  1. Marie Anderson says:

    After reading the article about the farm in So. Ro., and looking at all the road work, along with raw earth banks alongside the rivers and roads, we were wondering if the state or area towns might need volunteers to help get some grass seed and hay down to prevent further erosion. Is there someone to contact about this?


    Marie A.

  2. Jeanne Hover says:

    Geo deserves everything that can be given to him and his family for all they have done to look beyond their difficulties with their farm, moving to help those who needed help in the houses beyond on So Windsor St. It was impressive, to say the least.

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