Help Needed: Rochester 9/9-9/11

With the Town of Rochester, I am organizing large groups of volunteers to come to Rochester on Saturday and Sunday this weekend and the next (and possibly more weekends to follow). I hope to have 60 ore more people in Rochester this weekend and we will be meeting at the Town Office parking lot on Saturday and Sunday morning. Work groups will be organized from the parking lot and sent on their way. If you know of any groups that would be willing to volunteer, please contact me at 802-767-9100 and I will follow up. If you want to volunteer yourself, please head to the Rochester Town Offices on Saturday or Sunday morning (or BOTH!) and if at all possible bring with you rubber boots, work gloves, shovels, crowbars, and contractor trash bags as well as food to share during the workday. If you are in need of a group for volunteers, please call me at 802-767-9100 and I will try to get a workgroup assigned to you. -Cynthia

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