What’s Going on Today? (9/7)

How can you help today? Well, if you’re available to volunteer today, check here.

If you are out of state, here are a list of places to donate money.

If you are bored at work, consider getting some co-workers together and donating some supplies that have been requested. Big needs include N95 masks and tarps. Cleaning buckets, which are 5 gallon buckets with sponges, bleach, gloves, etc inside are also a great idea.

Finally, if you are a big group and able to help Thursday or this weekend, we are starting to get information on major group (100 and 60 person) efforts respectively. (Colleges, we’re looking at you.)

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  1. The United Methodist churches in Vermont are making cleaning buckets and have a lot that are complete. We need to know where they are most needed so that we can deliver some!

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