Toys/Kids Items Needed

Child Care Resource is looking for toys and other children related items to restock damaged day cares.

Call for drop off locations: (802) 863-3367

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6 Responses to Toys/Kids Items Needed

  1. Keith Clark says:

    Children books? Where is the drop off?

  2. Karen Danforth says:

    I am in Bradford, VT and my sister in Plainfield, NH might have stuff too. What towns are you collecting in?

  3. Kirsten Edey says:

    Hi, like the other repliers above, I’m wondering where your drop-off locations are. I’m in Montpelier and have a lot of games, toys, and building stuff. I also left a phone message at the you provided. Thanks!

  4. Amy says:


    After posting here, airing on the news and on the radio Childcare Resource has been inundated with calls from generous people wanting to make donations to the supply drive effort put out by Resources for Relief! While we hate to turn away any donation items, we also want to ensure the integrity of this effort by getting as much stuff as possible that was donated to the programs that were effected by hurricane Irene. While we have received lots of word from those interested in helping out by donating items, we have not (yet?) heard from many seeking help. Currently we have plenty of supplies to help those who have contacted us thus far. I am working on checking in with others in other counties at other child care resource agencies to determine if there is a need for volunteers to go help providers affected by the flooding with clean-up, as was the original intention of this page. The supplies drive was intended as an added bonus so those going to help with clean up efforts could arrive with cleaning supply and a box or two of toys / books to help providers in need get back on there feet so-to-speak….quickly. While we work on determining how much need there is for the above effort, feel free to post the items you are interested in donating on the Resources for Relief Facebook page, (along with your contact information if you are comfortable doing so)….which was set up to connect childcare providers in need with those who could help either through volunteering or donation!

    Thank you for all of your efforts, big hearts and good intentions!!!!!!



    • Reality VC says:

      Thank you for the update Amy. We are going to take down this post for now, but please let us know if you need more donations, and we can put up something for that.

  5. Amy says:

    Thank YOU!

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