Help Needed: Stockbridge

STOCKBRIDGE NEEDS HELP…..DESPERATE NEED OF VOLUNTEERS. PLEASE CALL TED @ 234 5301. They are also  looking for dehumidifiers, shovels, wheel barrows and other mucking supplies as well as food and other essentials.

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3 Responses to Help Needed: Stockbridge

  1. meredith sumner says:

    My brother is coming from Maryland – equipped with tools and know-how (he’s done much building and finished carpentry and is a savvy and hard worker, whatever needs to be done. He’d prefer to work on one project – like one family home or building – but is willing to do whatever is most needed. Let me know if and when he’d fit in thanks.

  2. Amanda says:

    Flat edged shovels are needed for mucking out and some headlamps or flashlights would be very useful in someplaces

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