Gathering: Chester

This is a reminder of a wonderful event happening at Peace of Paradise this evening on the Green in Chester! At 7pm, there will be a gathering of people there to share and talk about the events of the flooding. A place where everyone can gather and spend a few moments sharing their experiences about the floods. We have suffered a great trauma in our community. Our home has suffered and it can create great saddness and grief. Please come and support the people who need support. Please come and nourish your own sense of loss. Come to listen, share, or just be. There are many stages of grief in all of this…anger, loss, devastation, saddness, despair, hope and renewal. Even though you may not realize it because you have been busy helping and rebuilding, it is important to pause for a moment and honor those emotions. Look forward to seeing you there! For additional information call Cynthia Knowles at (802) 558-1567!

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