Help Needed and an Update from Cavendish

• Flaggers to cover the area that washed out near Glimmerstone. Volunteers need to be at least 18 years of age. There is an immediate for a flagger from 4-6 pm. It will be important to have people posted there until a repair can be made. If you can volunteer, please call the town office 802-226-7292.
• Advocates and/or workshops to help people in dealing with FEMA and their insurance companies. If you have skills in this area, contact the town office 802-226-7292.
• There are people located in parts of our town that are not easily accessible due to road quality. If you have a neighbor or friend that may be reluctant to drive because of road conditions, offer to take them to town so they can do banking and other chores, as well as activities that were part of their life prior to Aug. 28.

From the Cavendish blog:

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