Where to Help: 9/6

Just a few reminders before we send you out to volunteer:

Safety is absolutely the highest priority for volunteers heading out into affected areas. Be sure to wear gloves, long sleeves, boots, and bring your own bottled water. N95 masks are available at Home Depot, Walmart, or any of our local Vermont hardware stores. Remember: we can’t help anyone if we don’t take care of ourselves.

Also refresh yourself on our Volunteer Etiquette post. Remember that you’re in someone’s home and that the ‘debris’ we might see are the remnants of their life. Mostly bring out your best Vermonter and listen.

Finally, do not head out tomorrow without checking the weather reports and updates from our site. Flash floods across all parts of Vermont can change what we’re looking at on an hour-by-hour basis. Please do not head into a place without first apprising yourself of the current conditions.

Help Needed: Sharon

Help Needed: Wilmington

Help Needed: Reading

Help Needed: Vermont Foodbank

Help Needed: Royalton

Help Needed: National Guard Rutland

Help Needed: Hartford

Help Needed: Randolph

Help Needed: Waterbury

Be safe out there!

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1 Response to Where to Help: 9/6

  1. MeaganA says:

    My office has given me more than 500 N95 masks to donate to flood victims and volunteers. I had planned to take them with me yesterday, but decided not to venture out in the weather. Please let me know if there is anyone traveling to a site where they are needed. I work in Burlington and can meet up after 6pm weekdays. meagankadams@gmail.com

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