Update: Waterbury

VOLUNTEER FLOOD RELIEF Begins at 9 AM on Sunday at Waterbury’s Thatcher Brook Primary School. Please gather in the back parking lot of 37 Stowe Street, 05676. IF you have demolition/salvage tools or dehumidiers you can loan to homeowners please bring them. Placements wll be ongoing through 2 PM. We have about 200 heavily damaged homes and while we think we’ve reached them all, we constantly get additional requests for help.

If the rains begin on Sunday night and into the next day, it is likely that we will NOT be operating in the field on Monday. CHECK BACK HERE TO STAY POSTED. If flash flood warnings continue, volunteers will be encouraged to stay out of the flood zone.

Beyond tomorrow, professionals, large groups and/or teams of four or more with relevant drywall removal, flood or disaster related experience and supplies can email Reed McCracken: Reed@ccoutdoorstore(dot)com for details on specific homes with projects. Information will be emailed directly to you or you will be contacted via phone.  Other individuals are encouraged to organize teams of four or more (18 years of age or older please) and you will be matched with an experienced team leader with tools and know-how. Reed@ccoutdoorstore.com. Otherwise check back on VTRESPONSE later in the week or check the Waterbury website http://www.waterburyvt.com for updates.

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3 Responses to Update: Waterbury

  1. lindsay says:

    I am planning to come down to help out on Monday. If the weather prevents an organized volunteer effort, can I still come down and drop off the things that I have collected to donate? I have some tools, buckets, rags, cleaning supplies, and military meals.

  2. Gretchen says:

    Is help needed sorting donations of food and clothing?

  3. P.Jay says:

    I have a box set aside for 3 x Brand new clothing for women. I do not drive however. Am in Burlington….anyone available to pick up and drop off in Waterbury? reply if possible

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